REVIEW: Sandlite Sand-Free Mat

They say if you’re lucky to live on the beach, you’re lucky enough. And while it’s true that beach-livin’ is the best, taking all that sand with ya isn’t so great. We received a complimentary Sandlite Sand-Free Mat from CGear, for review purposes.

At first, I was skeptical, it looked like any old beach blanket to me!

sand-free mat

Sandlite Mat in front of the Huntington Beach Pier.


But the Sandlite Mat was pretty cool. It’s easy to carry and easy to lay on the sand.

  • Here are some other features:
  • Soft and light new weave material like a towel or picnic blanket
  • Easily folds into a small carry bag
  • Easy to clean and quick dry
  • Doesn’t fly up on windy days because of the mat’s wave that allows wind to go through the mat

Our review? It’s awesome. You can order it from here.  At $49.99, the price is more expensive than a cloth towel but considering it’s probably the one beach blanket you’ll ever need, it’s SO WORTH IT!


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