Review: Dripo 2 in 1 Travel Iced-drip Coffee Maker & Tumbler

They heard that I was crazy for coffee, so when the makers of Dripo sent over one of their coffee maker-tumblers over for review, I was grateful. Cold brew is all the rage these days but they can be pricey so this clever contraption that is portable and easy to use is worth a try.

Wait, why can’t you just put ice on coffee that’s been sitting in your pot from this morning? Well, that’s a matter of taste but truth is iced coffee is different from cold brew coffee in that cold brew coffee never sees heat, instead it uses time to extract the coffee’s oils, sugar and caffeine. Iced coffee, on the other hand, is simply hot coffee served cold.

Time. Yes, the cold brews you see being sold take about 12 hours or longer to make but with Dripo, you can make it in 2 hours.

The steps are simple.
1.Add coffee grounds and filter to coffee section.
2.Add cold water to top water section and assemble.
3.Now, you wait. Enjoy your fresh cold-brew 2 hours later.

So what do I think? The coffee tastes delicious — of course, this depends on the coffee grounds you decide to use. I prefer dark roasts myself, hot or cold. I do like the design of the tumbler and the compartments. But one thing you do need when making your own Cold Brew is patience. But you already know that good things come to those who wait.

Learn more about Dripo at

(DISCLOSURE:I received a complimentary Dripo Cold Brew coffee maker for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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