Science learning is fun at Discovery Cube LA

The Discovery Cube in Los Angeles is a relatively new facility. For over 35 years, the Discovery Science Foundation, a non-profit organization, has made science learning fun through its first location Discovery Cube in Orange County.

Both Discovery Cube in LA and OC share this mission: “to inspire and educate young minds through engaging science-based programs and exhibits to create a meaningful impact on the communities we serve.” contributor Marie-France Arcilla took her 2-year old son for a fun morning spent at the Cube. Discovery Cube Los Angeles is located at 1800 Foothill Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91342 For more information, visit
According to Marie-France: “(At first) I was afraid that my son would be too young for most of it, but he actually could find something fascinating with at least one thing in every featured exhibit.”

All photos and captions that follow are by Marie-France.
Tons of interactive games that even the tiniest pre-readers will enjoy.
Discovery Science Center - LA

Flying a rocket ship with Dora the Explorer. Quick, pull the red handle, or else you might hit the planeta morado!

The activities are a nice balance of hi-tech and lo-fi. My son loves a good old-fashioned puzzle.(


On the high-tech end of the spectrum, this scanner at the Rainforest Clinic identifies the (plush) animals you place in it, and what kind of help they need. Calling all Junior Vets!
Discovery Cube- LA - Rainforest

Brains are important, but you can also exercise your brawn on the climbing wall.
Discovery Cube- Climbing Wall

Little ones can push their cart and scanner around on a search for the healthy and Eco-friendly things on their shopping list. Shopping buddies on the screen help the kids make good choices before checkout.
Market area at Discovery Cube LA

Inside this eco-friendly home where the inspectors and the inhabitants give you tips on how to make your home run a little greener.

Wind tunnels are fun, but who’s going to clean all this up?

The in-house cafe, with tons of tasty, healthy and reasonably-priced options. You can eat your lunch, from here or home, at these tables or outside in the garden.

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