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The laundry gods smiled upon me and sent me a bottle of Downy fabric softener to try. If there’s one household chore I do not mind doing, it is doing the laundry! Lately, I’ve been lazy though, skipping the fabric softener and just opting for detergent. Sometimes I even get the kind that says it has fabric softener in it. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference until my family started noticing.

Downy Fabric Softener

Hmm… the clothes smell really good.


And my socks feel softer too!


So I’m sold. Downy doesn’t just make your clothes smell good. It actually protects your clothes too. Here’s what I found out. Downy helps strengthen fibers so clothes maintain their original shape. It smooths fibers, reducing friction between them that causes them to break and lead to pilling and fuzz, when washing. Bottomline: that helps you save money on clothes! Less wear and tear on your favorite clothing mean, less money to spend on having to buy new clothes. Want more savings? Buy it from Walmart.

Finally, here’s a pro-tip. In addition to the protection Downy fabric conditioner offers, turn your garments inside out, and wash soft fabrics like cotton on the gentle cycle to keep your clothes looking their best.

The one household chore I enjoy. #laundry #protectyourclothes with @downy fabric softener. #spon #ad

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