Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Going to a Med Spa

Over the past couple of months, I was fortunate to be a part of the Cosmeticare Mom Ambassador program. I was able to experience different treatments at the premiere med spa in Orange County, CA.  I met amazing people along the way and learned some new things about myself and my ideas about beauty and looking good and taking care of myself. If there is one life lesson that I learned through the process, it was this: To be open to possibility.

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I interviewed Dina Fox, Patient Consultant, at the end of my ambassadorship and here are her answers to commonly asked questions that perhaps you too have wondered about:

Marcie: Looking back, before my first consult, I felt like it would’ve helped if I already knew exactly what I wanted and how much time I could devote to treatment etc.  What other things should a new patient be ready with (and be ready to ask) when coming in to Cosmeticare for the first time?

Dina: Oftentimes patients don’t know exactly what they want. Patients present the symptoms or concerns to me or the nurse, and from there we strategically craft a plan to address the issue. I approach each consultation very much like an interview. There are so many things we need to know about the patient prior to prescribing a treatment plan. Does the patient have a lifestyle or job that includes sun? Is the patient seeking immediate results in preparation for an event? Can the patient afford downtime? Can we reach the desired outcome through our non-surgical procedures or is the patient better suited for a surgical procedure?  What is the budget and how can we get the most bang for the buck? These are all questions that will be addressed at the initial consultation. The patient should have a very good understanding of what they can expect in terms of cost, results, downtime and possible risks.

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M: How should one prepare for their first treatment (physically and mentally)?

D: It really depends on the treatment. For most laser procedures or medical grade skin peels,  sun avoidance is required for at least 2 to 3 weeks, for fillers and injectables alcohol and blood thinning drugs should be avoided a couple of days before and after treatment. When the blood is very thin there is an increased risk of bruising.  If a patient has any doubt about proceeding with a treatment they should wait until they are absolutely sure. I always encourage patients to think about all the pros and cons before committing to the treatment.

M: What makes Cosmeticare different from other med spas?

D: Cosmeticare is very unique because we are a surgical center as well as Med Spa. At any given time there are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons on site and available to consult with complicated situations. The surgeons are also available to prescribe topical medications for various skin conditions. The surgeons are also very happy to conduct on the spot complimentary consultations should the patient require a treatment that the Med Spa Nurses are not equipped to facilitate such as Fat Transfers, Liposuction, Facial Procedures and Co2 Laser resurfacing.

M: Do you advice scheduling a follow-up appointment right away? Does someone from Cosmeticare call to follow-up with a patient after their treatment?

D: Most Med Spa procedures do not require follow up appointments unless there was a special circumstance that would warrant scheduling a follow –up appointment. The Med Spa nurses do tend to call the patient the next day to make sure that there were no abnormal reactions.

M: Thank you so much, Dina!

CosmetiCare is at 1101 Bayside Dr., Ste. 100, Corona del Mar, CA 92625. Visit or call 949-718-6900 for more information.

(DISCLOSURE: As a #CosmetiCareMom, this is a sponsored post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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