Sweet Scents by Galvin and Galvin


I have found the yummiest, most hydrating and conditioning shampoo/body wash for my kids. Let me introduce you to Galvin and Galvin. These products really appeal to me because of their fresh, sweet fruity scents. They also appeal to me big time, because they are made with good-for-you, organic ingredients that I can trust using on my kids (AND myself- have to admit, I stole my kiddos banana berry shampoo/body wash for myself!). Also you CANNOT beat the price: under $5 a pop.


Galvin and Galvin

You can find Galvin and Galvin products at Target. And, I know us Mama’s are always at that store, am I right?!?


Gal and Gal 1

These would make the perfect last minute stocking stuffer for your children. Or how about treat yourself to a yummy bathtime treat minus the calories- seriously these smell good enough to eat- but don’t!

Gal and Gal

Another product I love from this line is their spray leave-in conditioner. Works great to de-tangle my daughters long hair.


G and G leave in

The leave-in detangling conditioner comes in  Cool Cucumber scent and Watermelon scents. Yum

Scents by Galvin and Galvin Dubble Trubble: Strawberry, Cherry Bomb, Banana Berry, Cool Cucumber, Watermelon


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