Crafting Thursdays

Every Thursday morning I pack up my crafting goodies (after taking the kids to school), hop in my car and drive up to my mother in law’s house for “Crafting Thursdays”.

I’ve been crafting almost every single Thursday for a few years now and I love it. Ain’t nobody gonna get in the way of my Thursdays, and if you do it better be REALLY important, ok?


I’m in this little crafting group with my M.I.L. and some of my closest and best friends in the world. We all go to church together, and we craft together. It is wonderful. We laugh a lot, talk a lot, encourage each other and just have so much fun together.


I’ve done all kinds of crafting, here’s some of the things that I love to do:

crochet, card making, make banners, make jewelry, make wreaths, various pinterest projects and more. Here’s what I’m currently doing: coloring.

Coloring, yes you heard me right. Apparently adult coloring books are a huge thing right now, and I thought it was a bit silly until I saw this “happy campers” coloring book at JoAnn’s. I couldn’t resist! (if you havent heard, my hubby and I bought our very first trailer in July- named Trixi. We LOVE camping, and I’m currently obsessed with all things trailer)


Coloring is such a fun way to “craft”. Especially on the days when you don’t care to put much effort into thinking about the details of the craft. It is so simple, just grab your coloring book, colored pencils & gel pens and you’re all set!

Here’s some of the projects my girlfriends are working on. They are each so talented in their own unique ways:






Aren’t they all beautiful? Some drawings are free-hand, some are coloring books. Some use paint, stamps, special art pens, glues, ribbon, etc. A few friends are making greeting cards. I just love ALL of them!

Crafting is good for my soul. I love this quote: “crafting is the best medicine” I truly believe that. It allows you to express your creativity in many different ways and it’s awesome. But more importantly over the actual crafting I think the thing I enjoy most is the community. These ladies are seriously some of my best friends. We have been through good, bad and hard times in life together, and I’m beyond thankful for each one of them. So let me encourage you, get out and CRAFT! Maybe start your own “Crafting Thursdays” group. It’s the best.





Here’s a few little tips to get you started on your own crafting journey- My favorite craft store is JoAnn’s. I do love the others as well, but I find that JoAnn’s has the best deals and allows you to use multiple coupons (, Walmart and Target have a great arts and crafts section. Check places like the dollar store and one of my new favorites- Daiso Japan (or what I like to call: the $1.50 store) that is where I purchased my gel pens.


Right??!! ———–>crafting10


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