Suburban Mama makeover at Butterfli Me Make Up Studio

Sometimes you just don’t have time to get glam or sometimes, like me, you just don’t know how. Enter Butterfli Me an express makeup studio that helps you change your look in 30 minutes or less.

Butterfli Me Makeup Studio streamlines the makeup application process with its Look Book, offering 24 natural, classic, glamorous looks customized according to eye color. Sisters Delphine Berryhill, President of Butterfli Me, and Dusty Starks, Director of Beauty, have created looks with graduated levels of makeup intensity inspired by international locations. The beach city looks are more natural, whereas looks named after large metropolitan cities like Hong Kong offer more drama. Each look is created with their proprietary line of Delphine Cosmetics which are simple, affordable, hypo-allergenic and high quality.

Marcie Taylor with Butterfli Me owner Delphine Berryhill

(Left) Delphine Berryhill, owner of Butterfli Me Studio with Marcie Taylor, blogger,

Butterfli Me Director of Beauty, Dusty Starks, is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with Hollywood notables Rihanna, Beyonce, Jason Derulo, and Gigi Hadid. Each season, Starks updates Butterfli Me’s looks to help women refresh their image with the latest seasonal elements.

The day I went into Butterfli Me, I didn’t really have anywhere special to go but I did bring my photographer friend Ruchel to take my picture. I scrolled through the online look book and chose the simple and sweet Kauai look Each look is named after a city and is based on your eye color, but my makeup artist, Breean, said you could really pick any look and they’d help you get it.

Marcie Taylor, Kauai Look, Butterfli Me

The “Kauai” look (left) created by Butterfli Me makeup artist Breann.

The cost of a makeup session is really reasonable. A light application, let’s say, you already have makeup on and would just like to re-touch before heading out somewhere, costs $25 and will be about 15 minutes. A full look is $40 and will take 30 minutes. To read more about Butterfli Me’s services,click here. You can get discounted rates, when you become a member. And the rates for Butterfli Me memberships start at a very affordable $32/month.

Butterfli Me Makeup Studio is located at 2646 Dupont Drive, Suite 65, Irvine, CA 92612 You can call them at 949.825.7272 or visit for more information.

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Shout out to my friend Ruchel Freibrun of for the support and the photos.

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