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My daughter Ciera hearts dancing. She’s constantly dancing. Even to NO music. At church on Sunday I went to go get myself a cup of coffee, turned back around only to see Ciera showing off her recital dance to a few of the ladies at our church. She’s not shy at all. Never really has been, but about a year or so ago, I don’t think there’s any way she would’ve just dropped everything to rehearse a dance in front of people, whether she knew them or not.

Dancing has brought Ciera such confidence and passion. It allows her to be creative and express herself with some great physical activity involved as well. For this, I give all the thanks to Sol Dance Academy and Miss. Sharon Sandor.

Ciera’s school recently had a “Dress Who Inspires You Day”, while there were many teachers, doctors and sports players walking around the school (and don’t get me wrong, those are wonderful choices) Ciera chose to be Miss.Sharon:


There she is all dressed up in her “Live 2 Dance” shirt. Nothing too elaborate, but she definitely got the message across. She knocked on her classroom door that morning before school started and proudly showed off that shirt to her teacher “who do you think I am?” she said, and before her teacher could answer, Ciera started twirling about the classroom and dancing- no joke. It was super sweet.

Ciera has been dancing with Miss. Sharon at Sol for about a year and a half now. It’s been wonderful. The dancers are gearing up for their spring recital soon, and Ciera has been practicing SO hard. I’m SO SO SO proud of her. Not only are we looking forward to the recital, but SUMMERTIME is coming, WOO! And that means DANCE CAMP! Sol has many fabulous dance camps going on this summer, and if you are in the OC area, it is SO worth checking out. Sol’s dance camps are affordable and you will be absolutely in awe of what these kids learn in just a weeks time. I’m not gonna give away too much about them, but I can honestly say that we love Sol’s dance camps. Ciera attended Sol’s Frozen themed camp last year and it was amazing. She woke up every morning very much looking forward and anticipating what lie ahead of her at camp that day.


Sol has many camps to choose from, for a variety of ages. I’ll let Ciera choose her camp and this year she’s very interested in Teen Beach Movie, although lots of others look enticing as well! In these camps the dancers will learn all types of dance styles- tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, lyrical and even musical theater.


Be sure to jump on this great deal, if you sign your child up for dance camp before May 9th, 2015 it’s only $150 per student. It’s worth every penny. Oh and did I mention that Sol Dance Academy had received the award for the 2015 BEST SCHOOL OF DANCE IN MISSION VIEJO? (no surprise there though!)



Give Miss. Sharon and her friendly staff a call at  949.305.0005 or email them at: or

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