TV Host Kit Hoover Talks About ASPCA and How You Can Help

I had the opportunity to chat with Kit Hoover, Billy Bush’s co-host on Access Hollywood Live, and a correspondent for Access Hollywood. She was very lively and friendly during our phone interview. We talked about her show, her work and animals. Yes, animals. She is currently involved with the ASPCA and wanted to let OC FAMILY readers know that you can help The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals by shopping online! That’s right, the ASPCA has partnered with, an online shopping portal that raises funds for nonprofit organizations.

Kit Hoover | ASPCA

Easy enough right? Simply sign up for a We-Care account (it’s free!) and you even get the chance to win a visit to the set of Access Hollywood with Kit Hoover! Here’s the link:
But wait, you wanted to read about my conversation with Kit. Actually, the phone interview was with me and two other bloggers, one from Maryland and the other from Idaho. (Gotta love technology!) Here are some highlights:

You and co-host Billy Bush have such great chemistry working together on Access Hollywood, what’s the secret?

You know, what’s funny is that so many people want to know about the chemistry and it’s one of those things you can’t define, but when it’s right it’s just right. It was instant from the moment we met. Nobody makes me laugh harder. He probably gives me a full on belly laugh every day! We’re truly friends off the air too.

That’s probably the secret, you’re friends.

Yeah. We go out with our [spouses] all the time. He loves hanging out with my husband, I love hanging out with his wife. We have fun together, we love to laugh. I have fun sitting beside him every day.

You’re now working with the ASPCA, so let’s talk animals. Do you have pets at home?

When we moved out here (to California) from Connecticut, we were told we couldn’t have a dog [where we lived] so we rescued two cats, a guinea pig and a bunny. They said “No dog.” They didn’t mention the others.

Do your kids help with them?

I was emphatic about having animals for my children. My kids are 12, 11 and 7. Pets are so important. They teach kids so much. We had a rescue kitty named Daisy that died from leukemia and that was [my kids] first experience with loss. They cried so hard, but I think that’s an important part of life. With the bunny, they’re in charge of cleaning the cage, feeding the bunny and cleaning it. In school, all their creative stories are about the animals.

Did you grow up with animals yourself?

My parents rescued German shepherds. We’d always house them until we found homes for them. We took pride in finding great homes for the ones we would bring in. I think that taught my brother and I a lot. My [parents] were big into animals. They were always rescuing them, or when someone would move they knew to come to the Hoovers first if an animal needed a home.

Finally, tell us how your involvement with ASPCA came about.

I was so excited when they came to me. In this job, you get asked to be part of a lot of charities, and this one is really close to my heart. What is cool is they partnered with and I love this aspect: You can shop online and the proceeds go to ASPCA. It helps with rescue animals; it helps to protect animals from cruelty, any at risk animals. I love it. It is really an honor.

And anyone who logs onto to is entered to win to come out to California, see the show and hang with me. So you should all enter, that would be fun!

*Hoover is currently featured on a special We-Care/ASPCA page at Every time shoppers make purchases from their favorite retailers via, a portion of their purchases will be donated to the ASPCA at no cost to the consumer. The We-Care/ASPCA page also features an opportunity to win a visit to the set of Access Hollywood Live, where the winner will meet Kit and view a taping of the TV show from behind the scenes.

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