Music, Art, Imagination Combine in Gustafer Yellowgold at SCFTA

Back in the early aughts, we were all about the kid rock. We lived on the East Coast and my boys were really into the likes of Dan Zanes and Laurie Berkner. We even watched Dan Zanes at an intimate tock concert venue and had a grand old time. We were also starting to listen to a newcomer named Gustafer Yellowgold. What was great about their music was that it wasn’t patronizing, corny, annoying children’s music. The songs were in fact tunes that grown-ups didn’t mind listening and singing along to as well. From these kinds of songs, my boys grew into an appreciation of music by the Flaming Lips, They Might be Giants and David Bowie.

Gustafer Yellowgold

I’ve always wondered what happened to that kids’ music scene since neither Nickelodeon nor Disney play any of Dan or Laurie or Gustafer’s music. But I’m glad to know that they are still around (just not on TV, you could try the non-Radio Disney Children’s music channel on Satellite Radio.)
In fact, Gustafer Yellowgold, the alien from the sun living out an explorer’s life ina slightly psychedelic version of the Minnesota woods, a.k.a Morgan Taylor, will be performing at the Segerstrom Center For the Arts in Costa Mesa, as part of their Family Series, on February 21-22, 2015. Part pop rock concert, part animated picture book, the show will be a fun interactive multimedia experience.

Acclaimed by The New York Times as “A cross between ‘Yellow Submarine’ and Dr. Seuss.” Gustafer Yellowgold has some really whimsical, catchy songs. In a recent phone interview with the artist, singer/songwriter behind Gustafer, he revealed that it all started out with a yellow doodle and a song that he had already written for his rock band that they didn’t use.

This is the first song that got me and my family into Gustafer:

Here’s a peek into what a Gustafer Yellowgold live show is like:

You can purchase tickets to Gustafer Yellowgold at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts here. For more information, visit and

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