A Mama Makeover


We didn’t call them makeovers back then because we had that 20-something confidence to know that we liked the way we looked. We didn’t need a make over per se, but we did need a beauty tune-up now and then.  A tune-up, like a car. That’s what we called it.

My friend J. was pretty high maintenance. But she had to be. She was the Hot One. I suppose, when you’re born with the X factor, you’ve not only got to work it but work on it too. I came along for the ride. And it was fun to spend days in the spa and get our hair and nails done.  That was then.

Flash forward. J is in another country. She’s a mommy to one, and is as glamorous as ever, judging from the few Facebook photos she’s posted.  I haven’t seen her in a decade! If she saw me now, she’d probably scold me, tell me that I’ve let go…

It’s true. Most days, I look frumpy. Well, maybe not frumpy, just slightly sloppy. If it weren’t for my job, I’d never wear shoes and I’d be in yoga pants forever.  I would hardly put lipstick on and my hair would probably always be in a ponytail.

Saying that I’m a mom isn’t an excuse. I know.  But something happens when you become a mom, suddenly your needs are secondary. First time moms know this well – it’s that “I’m lucky if I can take a shower today,” feeling.

So when Wendy posted that she was looking for makeover models, I volunteered.  Make over, there’s that word again.  I had to tell her why I thought I deserved a makeover. And here’s part of the email I sent.

“I’m 41 and in denial. I don’t dislike being in my 40s but I do wonder what someone in their 40s should look and act like. I look exactly like I did when I was younger — this is not to say I look really youthful, it’s just that my looks and style have remained the same. I hardly ever wear makeup!

My sons don’t like seeing me all dressed up — it’s weird. They prefer good ol’ relaxed lookin’ mom. 
I suppose it’s all they’d ever known. I don’t dress in colorful garb, my wardrobe is mainly black white and red. (Left over from my new wave/rock phase). I’d rather be in t-shirts, yoga pants or jeans and flip flops/Toms shoes.

I suppose that’s typical. I want a makeover to show me how I can look like a more grown up version of myself. Not totally fancy but just enhancing what’s there, y’know?”

And with that Wendy worked her magic with makeup, while her husband Allen took the photographs.

This is my before and after selfie. I took these with my phone.

This is my before and after selfie. I took these with my phone

I think the lesson here is this: even if we have our children and families to look after, we should never let go!  Motherhood is no excuse.  Ladies, we should always take care of ourselves. Skip the mommy guilt and go ahead go get a mani-pedi when you need one. When you look good, you’ll feel good. A happy mommy equals a happy family or words to that effect.


Photo by Allen Taylor Photography | Makeup by Wendy Chen

So…this is 40. Photo by Allent Taylor Photography | Makeup by Wendy Chen



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  1. What a great experience! Yes, totally get that as moms we do too often put ourselves second, which we definitely have to at times, but mommy is a person too and that is okay!

    Your makeover is awesome, you are beautiful.

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