A Mother’s Letter to Her Son


Mother's Letter To a Son

A letter to my Sun
by Dagmar Ebaugh (decaturmamaoftwo)

Dear Max:

Six years ago on April 19th my life changed forever as we welcomed YOU, our first child, our son, into our hearts and lives. My universe shifted on its axis and suddenly you became its center.

In the past six years, I’ve watched you grow and blossom, like those crazy time-lapse films, in big and small ways. You sprouted from a stout, pudgy baby to an impossibly tall and lanky kid. I adore your long red tangled hair and your inquisitive, often serious, blue eyes. Your knobby-kneed, arms-akimbo presence in our bed on a weekend morning makes me so happy to be a mom.

Your sweet random letters of “der mommy I luv you!” melt my heart!! I’ve saved every single one of them, complete with “Xs and Os”. Whether you are being kind to, and protective of, those younger than you, or casually conversing with a random grown-up whom you’ve befriended at the grocery store or at the playground – you are a a wonderfully warmhearted “people person”. You literally light up a room with your presence and energy.

You amaze me with your insightful comments and questions, and you tickle me with your quirky humor and creative outpourings of drawings. I love when you read to me, or to your baby sister. I love it when you have a ‘dance party’ and break-dance your little heart out. You are a goofball of the highest order and proud of it. Please always follow your inner drummer. I wish for you that you may dance, paint your toenails rainbow colors, pick dandelion clocks from which to make “flower microphones” and draw contraptions for as long as you desire!

While you are sometimes frustrating, you are never boring – I’ve learned so much from you about myself, about parenting, and about ways to see the world.

Sadly, there are some very ‘un-wonderful’ events in our world. I wish to spare you even the mere knowledge that they exist. But I know I can’t. I wish that you never be hurt or damaged in any way. But I can’t guarantee that. I wish you could spend your entire life being as open-hearted and as inspired by the amazing wonder of our world as you are today. And I will do everything I can to help you become the best “you” you can be.

Happy Birthday and many, many, many happy returns! I love you, my sun, my only son!

Always, your mom (with infinity Xs and Os)


About our Guest Blogger:

Dagmar Ebaugh aka DecaturMamaofTwo is a Gemini, a reader, a linguist, and a recently-inspired runner. She is mama to two kids (almost six, and two) and married to a very patient man. Some of her favorites include reading, laughing, eating chocolate and a-hah moments. Her secret vice is reading trashy romances. Currently she is teaching high school French.

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