Time for Spring Cleaning

Open those windows and let the sunshine in. It’s spring! Here are some spring cleaning tips I gathered from around the interwebs.

Spring Cleaning | Open Window

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Spring Cleaning Tips from the Web

The weather is warmer. The days are longer. And that Goodwill stack you’ve set aside is piling up. There are papers you meant to sort on the table and canned goods in the pantry from the last decade. Time for some spring cleaning.

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Here are some great tips for spring cleaning at home.
Spring cleaning this weekend? Try these tips to Clean Everything Better. #springcleaning <a href="http://t.co/jtxDjJGPbg" class="">ow.ly/jkpSG</a>Health magazine
Tips for a More Environmentally-Friendly Spring Cleaning | It&#39;s Our … <a href="http://t.co/P7iwPxJwHv" class="">ow.ly/2vH4yR</a>Sustainable Tech
My Organizing Tips for Spring!! (& Help Me Clean my House!)rachhloves
Simple Spring Cleaning Tipsmonkeyseevideos
Thinking about Spring cleaning? Start with your pantry. Look for common pantry pests in your stored food then prevent them from invading your pantry. Here is how. Inspection and identification of all potential food sources is essential to controlling the infestation. Control requires locating and discarding all infested items. Do not overlook intact boxes or containers because many insects can chew their way into cardboard and foil.Infested items can be thrown away or salvaged by freezing three to four days. Food can be heated in a 140ºF oven for an hour with the same result. Empty and thoroughly vacuum cupboards or shelves holding infested items, paying particular attention to cracks and corners. Vacuuming picks up hiding insects and spilled or infested material. Empty the vacuum cleaner or discard the vacuum cleaner bag after use to prevent reinfestation.Pantry Pest Prevention:The following tips may be useful:**Purchase food in package sizes that can be used up in a short time. Do not store food products more than two to four months, if possible. Use older packages before newer ones and opened packages before unopened ones.**When purchasing packaged foods, be certain containers are not damaged and seals are intac.**Store dried foods in insect-proof containers such as screw-top glass, heavy plastic or metal containers. This will prevent entry or escape of insects. Cardboard, paper or plastic wrapping will not prevent insect infestations.**Keep food storage areas clean and do not allow crumbs or food particles to accumulate, as exposed food will attract insects. Cleanliness is especially important in areas where pet foods and birdseed are stored.More information at: http://lancaster.unl.edu/pest/resources/pantrypests304.shtmlMaster Food Preservers of Douglas County Oregon
Get your HEALTHY #DIY Spring Cleaning on with our @SavingSense’s 15 Tips to Clean Your Home with Baking Soda <a href="http://t.co/jpDg8UtFi3" class="">ltmom.co/15HyreN</a>Lifetime Moms
Time to clean your online life as well.
5 spring cleaning tips for your social channels <a href="http://t.co/4hKJteuPYj" class="">bit.ly/10pwOCV</a>Savvy Sexy Social
Spring has sprung, which means time to get organized! Check out these spring cleaning tips for social media. <a href="http://t.co/uFIFjNqBQ0" class="">bit.ly/YgEd9L</a>Bolt PR
Three doesn’t have to be a crowd when you apply our Spring Cleaning for Social Media tips to Facebook and Twitter! <a href="http://t.co/cQeAJow0oV" class="">ow.ly/jkA24</a>Kiwi Creative
And last but not least, tips for spring cleaning your soul.
Spring cleaning tips for the SOUL <a href="http://t.co/nLZuNJWSyD" class="">ow.ly/jmyFk</a>Loren Ridinger
Spring clean your life – body+soulAre you mid-way through spring without having had a proper spring clean of your home or life? body+soul&#39;s experts show you how to g…

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