New Beginnings: A Letter to All Suburban Mama Readers

Over five years ago, I sat at my friend N’s kitchen table in suburban New Jersey. My ezine – email magazine – was starting to take off and we wondered about how far we could take it. Our four boys played nicely together in the living room, while we brainstormed. We talked about maybe starting a club like the Purple Hat Society but for suburban moms. We talked about how we could get on Oprah! Those were good times. It wasn’t like we were coming up with a business plan or anything too serious, it was just fun to sit there, chat and dream.

Suburban Mama began as a way for me to write about things I wanted to write. Before that, I had written for parenting publications but I became impatient with having to pitch a story and waiting for the editor’s approval. So I figured I had enough friends who’d want to read my stories. And thus, the ezine was born. What started with 50 friends and family members grew to a mailing list of 500 at its peak.

This is the blurb I had on the website: ” The ezine based on Suburban Mama, the column, was one mama’s take on life with children in the suburbs. From trips to Target to Gymboree classes, soccer practice and mommy-nights-out, the author (ok, me) Marcie Taylor delivers short and sweet narratives about suburban life.*”

Later that year my family moved to California. I tried to keep the ezine alive but after a few months, it became harder to write about suburban life, as I settled into life on the West Coast living in a beach community. At the time, something called “blogging” was starting to take off. I had always maintained a website to keep in touch with family overseas and to post links to things I had written so transitioning the Suburban Mama ezine into a blog was easy.

Not so easy was life getting in the way. Two kids, a full-time job and a multitude of distractions including other blogs and writing assignments I am involved in. Add to that, the many other mom blogs that pretty much covered what I talked about — and many times, better, even funnier.

… Which brings us to this point. A new beginning. Suburban Mama has evolved into Suburban Mamas — and I’m giving it back to the reader. This time, I want YOU to tell me about your suburban life, your hopes and dreams.

Pretend we’re sitting at a kitchen table, chatting, laughing, plotting, planning, commiserating. Tell me about that time you volunteered at your kid’s school, or about the play group drama, or that new thing you bought Target, or the last time you had a date night with your spouse. Tell me, write it down, share your thoughts with fellow suburban moms.

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