Meet Arlo, The Dog Who Needs Glasses

Once in a while, a book strikes a chord with a child and it is like magic. As followers of this blog may already know, I have often put my book loving 11 year old to work. He’s interviewed Megan McDonald of the Judy Moody books and Rick Riordan of the Percy Jackson books. But this time, it is my 7 year old son that does an email interview with author Barney Saltzberg. The book is called “Arlo Needs Glasses” and it is a pop-up book about well, a dog who needs glasses.

Here is the email exchange between my son Milo and the author.

Dear Mr. Saltzberg:
I really enjoyed your book. I especially like when you try different glasses on Arlo.
My questions are:
How did you come up with your story?
Why did you name the dog Arlo? (It’s a cool name).
By the way, what is the name of the boy? (You never say it.)

Thank you.

Dear Milo,
I love the photo of my book with you and your dog! Milo happens to be one of my all time favorite names. I read the Phantom Toll Booth when I was in Elementary School and that was the main character’s name too. I hadn’t thought about a name for the boy in my book. How about Milo? I named Arlo after a singer/songwriter called Arlo Guthrie. When my dog hasn’t had a haircut, he looks a lot like Arlo Guthrie!

Arlo is a three year old Goldendoodle. He weighs about 75 lbs. He’s has really long legs and he’s fast. (We run five miles at the beach together every Sunday) I couldn’t wait to have a dog to play catch with because my son grew up and went off to college. I had never met a dog who couldn’t catch, until I got Arlo! To be fair, for some reason, he can catch a stuffed toy or food. But, when I throw a ball, most of the time, it bops him on the nose. Every once in a while he seems to get the hang of things and he catches a few times, but overall, he’s not a catcher. I had originally written a picture book called, Arlo Can’t Catch, but none of the book publishers were interested in the book. My very smart editor at Workman publishing said the story would make a wonderful interactive book with pop ups and actual glasses to wear! I am very glad I listened to her. Have you seen the video? Arlo Needs Glasses Book – YouTube That’s my dog!

I hope you like the book.

Most sincerely,

Meet Barney Saltzberg on Saturday, June 30th, 2-5 pm PT at DUET
11732 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064, 310-478-1653

Signed copies will be available for purchase after the reading.

Workman Publishing are holding a Pinterest photo contest. Share a photo of your dog in glasses for a chance to win an autographed copy of the book. Click here for the contest information.

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