Discovery Science Center Kicks Off a Wild Summer

  1. suburbanmama
    Good morning from @discoverycube. Meet Billy the Bearded Dragon. #wildsummer
  2. thisiscarrie
    Kermit the tree frog depends on camouflage to survive. #wildsummer @discoverycube
  3. PattieCordova
    Yes, there’s a tarantula on his head! @DiscoveryCube #WildSummer
  4. GlitterfulFelt
    That’s a snake around Ty’s neck! @discoverycube #wildsummer @ Discovery Science Center
  5. GlitterfulFelt
    Never thought she would be such a snake lover @discoverycube #wildsummer @ Discovery Science Center
  6. Yes, even Dan Nastika and Evangeline Lyu of the Discovery Science Center got into the snake-y action 🙂
  7. thisiscarrie
    What’s it feel like to hold an alligator? “Heavy.” #wildsummer @discoverycube
  8. discoverycube
    That’s a big python! #wildsummer Thx to all of the great OC #bloggers who came out this morning!
  9. The Live Animal Show and Petting Zoo was a great introduction to the new Wildlife Rescue Exhibit at the Cube. The exhibit runs till September 3rd.
  10. bchbby
    Learning about animal x-rays @discoverycube #wildsummer @ Discovery Science Center
  11. bchbby
    Awesome interactive touch screen to teach kids about species recovery at @discoverycube #wildsummer #conser
  12. GlitterfulFelt
    Ty could easily spend hours playing here @discoverycube #wildsummer @ Discovery Science Center
  13. GlitterfulFelt
    Thanks for a wild adventure this morning @discoverycube #wildsummer
  14. The fascinating world of
    Wildlife Rescue is revealed at the Discovery Science Center’s Wild Summer. You can get FREE admission tickets to the OC Zoo and Santa Ana Zoo through Sept 3rd, when you visit the Discovery Science Center!
    Wildlife Rescue is an eye-opening, inspiring and wildly
    interactive exhibit all about animal recovery efforts and people who
    dedicate their lives to saving animals. For more information visit

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