Bubblefest is Poppin’ with fun at the Discovery Science Center

  1. There was a brief pre-show act before Deni Yang, bubble artist, came out. Interesting facts about bubbles – this was after all the “science” center.  The kids in the audience took it all in.
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    The world record for the most people in a soap bubble is 118! #Bubblefest
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  6. And then the magic began. As Deni Yang, son of renowned bubble artist Fan Yang, took the stage with lights, lasers, music — and of course BUBBLES. The show was amazing!
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    One more @discoverycube #bubblefest picture.. ow.ly/i/xyY3
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    This guy is amazing! #Bubblefest @discoverycube
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    Music’s pumping, lights are flashing; things are getting all kinds of psychedelic! @discoverycube ‘s #Bubblefest
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    @discoverycube#dsc for #bubblefest So amazing millions & millions of bubbles inside of bubbles
  14. That’s Liz Cerezo aka @Thoughtsofamomy’s son with @DebLavdas daughter 🙂 Too cute.
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  17. In the end, the kids were dancing, there were bubbles everywhere, music was pumping. It felt like we were in some kind of rave.
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  19. But wait, there’s more. Outside, the bubble mania continued. There was an inflatable
    play zone, water spheres, and interactive science zones. In addition, “Me in a Bubble”* offers the opportunity for guests to step inside a giant bubble and have their picture taken. (Additional charge). When we were there, the food trucks weren’t there yet but from March 31- April 22, during Bubblefest’s run, some of the top gourmet food trucks like Dogzilla and The Lime Truck will be at the Cube.

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  21. *Bubblefest XVI is included with general admission to Discovery Science Center.
    **The daily Mega Bubblefest Laser Show requires a separate fee of $7 for the general public
    ***“Me in a Bubble” also requires an additional charge.

    For more information visit www.discoverycube.org

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