A Family Resource: 5 Reasons Why Parents Should Take Advantage of Free Health Screenings

Guest post by Linda Hunter, Senior Director of Education for Pretend City Offers Insight Into the Importance of Developmental Checkups for Children
I’m often asked about developmental checkups and why are they so important.  A startling number of children in Orange County do not receive routine developmental checkups, as it is not part of a standard well-child visit. Many parents do not realize that these screenings are in addition to the typical appointment with their family pediatrician.  Developmental checkups are head-to-toe assessments that ensure a child’s growth and development is progressing on track.  For me, knowledge is power.  Even simple activities can make a big difference in helping children to reach their developmental milestones.   Pretend City believes that fun-filled events like our Family Fun and Wellness Fair on Saturday, March 17, 2012 help parents to understand how their child is developing and can ease concerns they may have about their children’s growth and development.  Fun, education and a caring environment  – what better way to get the parent support we all need.
Here are my top 5 reasons why parents should access developmental screenings for their children and attend our upcoming fair:

1. Discover how your child’s development is progressing.  Certified health professionals offer qualified assessments to accurately let you know how your child is developing.  Pretend City’s Family Fun and Wellness Fair offers screenings for children ages 0-5 and includes hearing, speech and language, behavior, body mass index (BMI), fine and gross motor, and dental. If a child visits three of the checkup stations, they will receive FREE admission, an $11 value, to Pretend City Children’s Museum, good for one year from the date of the event.

2. Staying aware keeps you ahead of the game.  Knowing your child’s developmental stage helps you understand how to best meet their needs.  There are good things to look forward to, and you will be better prepared if you can anticipate what’s around the next curve.

3. There’s nothing like peace of mind.  Being armed with solutions and a community of support will go a long way as you care for your child.  The fair is chock-full of on site support for developmental questions that parents may have.

4. It’s a major time-saver!  Screening fairs, such as Pretend City’s Family Fun and Wellness Fair, in essence gives parents a “one-stop-shopping” experience with no appointment necessary.  In one morning, you can access over 7 screenings for your child in one location.

5. It’s free…and FUN!  This year the fair falls on St. Patrick’s Day so children can also participate in fun Irish-themed activities including: Live Music and Performances by the Claddagh Irish Dance Company and the Amazing Kazoom Band, as well as face painting, prize giveaways and more! 

About Good to Go From Head to Toe
Pretend City’s child development initiative, Good To Go From Head To Toe, educates parents and the community about early child development and the importance of having children ages birth through 5 receive regular developmental check-ups.  Through a variety of parent-friendly materials, workshops and resources, Pretend City creates awareness about healthy child development, developmental milestones and how to encourage emerging abilities through play. The initiative is grant-funded by the Children and Families Commission of Orange County. Learn more atwww.begood2go.org.

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