The Weekend Report: How was yours?

Full circle. That’s what it feels like. Writing in the wee hours of Monday morning, reflecting on the past week, trying to connect with all my fellow Suburban Mamas. That’s how it all began nearly 6 years ago. This blog started out as an email newsletter. Email, remember those days?

Escape. That’s what writing the newsletter was about — a creative escape. I had just given birth to my second son and the publishing world was changing. It was getting harder to pitch a story, sell it and write in in traditional ways. Print magazines were folding up. So writing online was my escape. It was, more importantly, a creative escape.

These days, I need an ACTUAL escape. I am feeling overwhelmed. 2 science fair projects, 2 freelance gig deadlines, 2 volunteer projects (yes, I’m a PTA mom AND Friends of the Children’s Library volunteer) , a household to run, a family to feed, a dog to walk and alas, only 2 days in a weekend. Then on Monday, well, it’s off to work for me. Well, you know, how it goes. And I’m not complaining, really, just taking stock. Remembering to BREATHE.

So how was my weekend?

Saturday started swell with a morning trip to the SoCo Farmer’s Market. My kids like to come along so they can have all the free samples…it’s the only way I can get them to try new fruits and vegetables.

Look what we found… a very expensive cherimoya (custard apple). This baby cost $2.50

My husband, he comes for the food trucks. And TACO MARIA did not disappoint.
photo…. Chef Carlos even came by to ask about my crab tostada.

The kids always go for Rancho-a-Go-Go mac n’ cheese. (Made from scratch! my younger son says as a compliment)

In the afternoon, I met up with one of the committee members of the Taste of Huntington Beach. This is a lovely annual food event that benefits the Children’s Library. It’s on April 29th… I am helping with social media and promotions and on the actual day, as a volunteer, I end up taking pictures and running around bringing napkins, plates etc to everyone.

Sunday was Science Project Day.

My 5th grader has to make an invention from scratch, which made it hard because there were no plans to follow. They were plans from his head and imagination. That part is cool. He first designed an all-in-one breakfast making contraption but it was too complicated to make, without getting all Rude Goldberg. So we ended up making just part of the breakfast machine… let’s just say it involves a toaster, and two rolling pins. Did I mention that my son LOVES breakfast? If he could he’d have breakfast for dinner everyday. So it was natural that this was his project. I am happy he invented something that he was passionate about.

Sure there were tears(his) and arguments(with dad) , constant nagging (me)- just to even get started on the project. What? Your kids don’t cry, whine and complain about homework?! Lucky you. So after a morning at Big Lots and the Home Depot, we were set.

We had lunch at El Burrito Jr. in Seal Beach. We enjoyed perambulating on the beach and in downtown Seal Beach.

Back at home: there was one science project. I drank a bottled Starbucks Mocha just so we could use the bottle for my 1st Grader’s project – a DIY Thermometer. Instructions courtesy of Steve Spangler Science, a life saver, for anyone with a science project or a curious mind. Spangler Science rocks.

Aw man, Valentine’s Day tomorrow… off to finish a stack of cards for the boys’ classmates.

A mom’s job never ends. And today, I’m off to work.
Escape to my cube. Week starts over. Full circle.

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  1. You have such a beautiful, full life, twin. My weekends are almost always homebound. Can’t really afford to do anything right now but likewise, not complaining. 🙂 Some day I will shock you and show up in Cali.

  2. Wow. What a busy weekend! I can’t wait to see what your son came up with as his final project. Are you going to share pictures? It’s funny, I always think this time of year will be slow, and it is always super busy. Good luck with the science fair projects and don’t forget to share them with us when you are done.

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