Make memories with Shutterfly cards!

Last Christmas, although I didn’t get any formal photos of the family, I got my holiday cards just in time, because I simply uploaded a family picture taken at Disneyland (ok, so it included Mickey and Minnie in the photo as part of the family but it was the only photo that included all four of us!) There was one Christmas, my cards came in January after a mix-up at a big box chain’s photo center but that’s a story for another time..ugh. Thank goodness for Shutterfly!

So I’m so excited about their new designs – I’m having a tough time deciding which one to pick.

Should I go with a pretty Christmas Card pattern like this?

A funky wave of cheer like this square Christmas card – especially relevant to me because I live on the beach?

Or my current favorite – a Holiday Story Card like this one? I really like the idea of writing a TOP 10. It makes it a newsletter and greeting card in one!

Sometimes a greeting card is not enough especially for grandparents and uncles and aunts. I always feel that I have to give them a gift or at least something more. However, with my family living far away, it is really hard to find the perfect gift to send via mail.  Thank goodness for photobooks.  Even if they’ve probably seen the pix on Facebook, it’s still different when you can hold a book in your hands.

Well, guess what,  you can make photo books on Shutterfly too!  Visit to see how you can design your pages just the way you want. You can easily, add, delete,  resize, and move your pictures and text anywhere.


And now it’s the fun part — one of you can have 25 Shutterfly holiday cards made FREE! Shutterfly has given me some special codes to share with my readers. So comment on this post and be entered to win 25 free cards!  (Stay tuned for other contests on Twitter and Facebook.)

5 Replies to “Make memories with Shutterfly cards!”

  1. I love Shutterfly and can’t wait to send out the cards this year! Looking forward to a chance at winning this fabulous prize. Thanks!

  2. Congratulations Suburban Mom you won! I will email you the code. And because it’s almost Christmas — Lori you win too!

    @Jessica and @Barb thank you so much for joining. I will also do a giveaway on

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