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My friend Christy Funk is a visionary. She was one of the first ever natural mothering experts I met –  pioneering eco-chic in parenting and beauty. What’s more, she practices what she preaches.  She puts on some one-of-a-kind shindigs at her store Belly Sprout in Fullerton. I only wish Belly Sprout were closer to me but sometimes, its worth the short drive down Beach Boulevard. (Some people make the trip from LA or South County so I really shouldn’t complain.) Well, Belly Sprout is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary and doing it in a BIG WAY. Check out Christy’s BIG news.

Dream Big: Fund a Mom
Every successful mother-owned business begins with a dream. Belly Sprout began with a simple dream to extend natural lifestyle products and services to families who yearned for them. That dream lead to a community following bigger than initially imagined. At Belly Sprout, we want to support the dream of another mother in the community who is sitting on a vision, but needs help spearheading her dream. She will be submitting her request to Christy Funk, owner of Belly Sprout at cmefunk68@hotmail.com. Once reviewed and accepted the mother’s dream visions will be posted on Belly Sprout’s website/blog. A voting application will allow the mothers in the community to vote for their favorite online. We will announce the winner on November 5th at Belly Sprout’s 5 Year Anniversary Party, Dream Big: Mother’s Making a Difference.

Are you a mom with a Dream? Have you started a small, home-based business or do you just have the blue-print of your Dream on paper? Well Belly Sprout is scouting out moms with a Dream to help jumpstart their vision and make that dream a reality. Here are the guidelines:

*You must be a mother living in Southern California and commit to being present at Belly Sprout’s 5 Year Anniversary Party, Dream Big: Mother’s Making a Difference on Saturday November 5th. Application is due by October 24th. Online voting will begin October 25th, ending on November 3rd.

*It is acceptable if you have already started your business, but it must be in the primary working stages. We will not accept fully established businesses that have been functioning for more than a year.

*Belly Sprout needs the primary contact other than yourself, to notify whether you have won. Since the winner will be announced at the event, we need to make sure that you will be there!

*All resources, money and services, must be used for your business, not for personal means. You must have a business license or show proof that you are in the process of obtaining your license in order for you to receive monetary donations, made payable to your business. If you do not adhere to these guidelines all contributions will be revoked.


This is simple. In no more than two paragraphs tell your story. You are pitching your idea, spilling your heart on why you need the Dream Big: Fund a Mom to help you jumpstart your business. We are looking for:
*Personal passion on why this is a dream for you
*How you personally created this grand idea
*How creatively different it is than anything else out on the market
*How this money/service consultation will benefit your business
*Your 1 year plan on how you will start the business with strategic planning (branding, marketing, funding, working, etc.)

Then email this to Christy Funk at; cmefunk68@hotmail.com! Good luck & Dream Big!

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