2012 Cadillac SRX: Driving the Dream

Much as I LOVE the functionality and family-friendliness of a mini-van, I can’t say I will ever drive or own one.  In the past, we’ve had a Honda CRV, A BMW X3, a Volkswagen Eurovan and these days I drive a used Audi All-road.  Yup, not a single American car…hmmm… So when the chance to test-drive the new Cadillac SRX came up, I seized the opportunity.

Compared to my little All-road, I felt the SRX was massive but of course, it wasn’t – in fact, it was just RIGHT.  With features like a glide-up touch screen navigation system, plus Bluetooth, driving the Cadillac SRX was like a high-tech dream. Very luxurious.

On the first day, I drove the SRX to Irvine Spectrum to catch Style Week. I hung out with my stylish blogging friends including Suz, Kathleen, Allison, Jenelyn and Sonia.  We were all feeling well, stylish. So driving in a Cadillac was definitely perfect.

On the second day, I took the kids to their Saturday morning music lessons and ran errands. So far so good, man, this was the ultimate mommy car.  (Mom, I love that parking thing)  But later that day, I had to attend an event at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach.  So there I was, sans kids, driving down the PCH with the sun setting and Two Door Cinema club blasting, it felt as if I were in a dream (or maybe a music video) – – because that’s what driving the SRX was like – it cruised like a dream.

On Sunday, we decided to make a family day out of it and my husband took over the wheel as we took the SRX to Encinitas, San Diego county.  Getting the DVD playing in the back was a little confusing, till the kids (who else) figured it out and riding the SRX became part of the day’s adventure.

I had the SR-X for a couple of days more but I don’t want to bore you with my usual routine of getting the kids to and from school and going to work and finding time for errands in between.  I will say however that the SRX was a great work horse and comfortable ride.

See, even doing the groceries seemed luxurious. Automatic trunk door.

Look ma, no hands!

Who knows, maybe my next car will indeed be a Cadillac?

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