Halloween Time at Disneyland California

We did it. My 6 y.o. conquered Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy for the first time. My older son said, I think tonight my little bro became a man! Meanwhile, I screamed like a lunatic.  And since it was Mickey’s Halloween Party, a tradition we started three years ago, thanks to the kindness of Disneyland Resort Promotions (Hi Michele!), we trick or treated through the park, visited Haunted Mansion with all the Jack Skellington stuff (LOVE!)  and ended the night with a special Halloween-themed fireworks display over the Castle.

You too can enjoy the Halloween Themed Happiest Place on Earth. Tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland are on sale now!

Here’s a cool video of the fireworks that I found on You Tube by @EternalDisney.  I never get a good enough shot myself of the fireworks.


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