Meeting Judy Moody herself – totally Thrilladelic

Last weekend, the boys and I got the chance to watch a special screening of the new movie “Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer” at the Grove in LA. Since we don’t venture out beyond the Orange Curtain, heading out to LA would’ve been a treat enough but what was cooler was that we were going to meet the people behind the movie — Megan McDonald, author of the Judy Moody books on which the movie is based and Judy Moody herself–The lovely newcomer Jordana Beatty, a sweet 13 y.o. Aussie with beautiful red hair.

Since I have 2 sons and no daughters, I am more familiar with the Stink books more than the Judy Moody books. Stink is Judy’s little brother, amiably portrayed by Parris Mosteller in the movie.

There are no stars in the film except if you count Heather Graham, who plays eccentric Aunt Opal – a character the author told me is not in any of the books, but whom she felt, just had to make it onto the big screen and no big explosions or special effects. And this is precisely why I feel it is the PERFECT SUMMER FAMILY MOVIE . It’s good clean fun with a story that will appeal to both girls and boys – and will no doubt have kids trying to come up with their own THRILL POINTS.

Spoiler alert – one of the lead characters in the movie is a familiar TV character all grown up, whose name sounds like, BURKEL 🙂

Jordana Beatty and author Megan Macdonald at The Grove, LA

The audience at the post-screening meet and greet watch Judy Moody in person

Starstruck! - my boys on the right with Megan and Jordana



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