Escape to the desert: Rancho Las Palmas has something for the whole family!

It seems like a dream now, loooking back. But it was only a few weeks ago when we celebrated Mother’s Day at Rancho Las Palmas.  We left Orange County on Friday afternoon and made it to Rancho Mirage by dinner. The kids were filled with anticipation.

Oh look… windmills.

While the desert air was indeed warmer… there was always a breeze and it felt like magic to be standing at the foot of these stoney mountains…  There is a certain style too — laid back… stylish…like a throwback to a groovier time.

Waking up to this view was breathtaking.  It wasn’t even 6am yet and the sun had just risen. You know how it is when you’re on vacation and you’re just too excited.  My 10 y.o. son and I took a walk around taking it all in and ended up at the gym…

There were so many birds around! Egrets, blackbirds and so many hummingbirds whizzing past, as well as birds whose names I didn’t even know.  One of the highlights for us was finding a baby bird in a bush, waiting for its mama bird.

We went to the Blue Ember for breakfast and the boys declared it the “MOST AMAZING BREAKFAST BUFFET — EVER!”  Our server was also very gracious.

Most of our time of course was spent at Splashtopia….who could resist a lazy river and  two 100-foot water slides?!  In the words of my 6 y.o.  “I didn’t expect it to be THIS MUCH fun!”

My mother’s day treat of course was an afternoon at the spa where I experienced Warm Sands Stone Reflexology, wherein heated stones were used to stimulate and relax reflex points in my feet. I had never had a massage with stones before so it was pretty interesting but more importantly, so relaxing. Even if the therapist just worked on my feet, my whole body felt relaxed.

And that’s what the whole weekend was all about – rest, relaxation and fun with the family. I can’t think of a better place to do that than Rancho Las Palmas. 

Hmmm… we just might go back with the resort’s awesome new Summer Getaway Package good from Memorial Day to Labor Day- which includes overnight accommodations, two Splashtopia Inner Tubes to Keep, a $50 bluEmber Breakfast Credit, a $25 Resort Voucher for Spa or Golf and the $25 Daily Resort Charge. They even have a special promo giving you the chance to WIN the Summer Getaway Package.

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