Rio the Movie takes flight

Rio was one of those movies we hadn’t heard off till recently. We watched it at the AMC Theaters at The Block in Orange– at the new ETX theater, which features wall-to-wall screens and 13 channels of sound. Oh and did I mention the movie was in 3D?The movie theater was smaller than I expected but the movie turned out to be better than I feared.  It was pure family entertainment.   I’m not a big fan of 3D but since the movie was all about birds…the 3D worked especially well with the flight scenes and when the characters were weaving through Brazil’s slums.

The story was cool – nothing preachy or crazy. It was your basic fish out of water (ok bird) plot but with parallel love stories, human and feathered.  I absolutely loved the cast! Being a fan of the Flight of the Conchords, it was such a treat for me to see Jemaine as the evil cockatoo Nigel. Hilarious. (By the way, is George Lopez in EVERY kid movie now?) It was a big relief to see a kid movie that didn’t resort to fart jokes and other such things.  I also enjoyed the travelogue aspect of the movie – there’ll be a new generation of kids now who’ll know about Brazil. ‘Twas also nice to see an animated film set in a “REAL” place rather than some far away enchanted kingdom. Big bonus — the music! I could go on … my family had such a good experience watching RIO at the AMC.

So if you’re looking for a family film — this is it!

The boys done their 3D glasses

AMC 30 at The Block, Orange

POWER 106 DJs warmed up the pre-screening crowd, before the movie

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