Scentsy candle to benefit Autism Speaks – warms my heart

The Scentsy candle stands proudly in our bathroom. I’d never owned one before and I didn’t think it was anything special… but then I started using it. And man, this wickless candle sure is genius! No fire, flame or soot and it smells so good. But what’s extra special about this particular “warmer” as it’s called, is that it’s all for a good cause. It’s called Piece by Piece and prominently features a blue puzzle piece in its design which is associated with Autism Speaks, the organization that has been funding global research, spreading awareness and providing hope to families whose children receive this complex diagnosis. As some of you know, this is a cause dear to me, because my first cousin, the young artist J.A. Tan, is autistic. You can see his work at

Scentsy will donate 100% off the net proceeds from the sale of this warmer ($35) directly to Autism Speaks.

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