Review: Marie Callender’s Multi-serve Bakes

I know it’s a bit strange to be posting about frozen food on a day like today – the day before the biggest feast ever –but maybe it’s just right. Recently I got the opportunity to try Marie Callender’s multi-serve bakes, a new line of frozen dinners. While I’m a fresh food fan myself, some days just call for a frozen dinner – it’s quick and easy to prepare and tasty too (however, you have to be pretty selective).

On days like Tuesday, when I have to ferry the kids from one activity to the next, a TV dinner just does the trick. So we tried Marie Callender’s Vermont White cheddar mac and cheese. I mean come on, mac and cheese – can’t go wrong with that right? I cooked it in the oven rather than the microwave and it took 55 minutes. The container didn’t look as pretty as it did on the box. I thought I might be able to serve it straight out of its tray but I had to transfer them into ceramic bowls. But it tasted good enough for the kids to eat. So that’s a winner for me. My 9 y.o. said it was okay and while it was yummy, it didn’t taste homemade.

On another day I tried the Southwestern Chipotle Chicken Bake for myself, this time, using the microwave. It baked evenly and only took under 15 minutes. It tasted alright but it was definitely too big a serving for me.

The question now is: would I buy Marie Callender’s Frozen Bakes? The answer: Yes. I think I’ll keep a couple of boxes in the freezer for those days when I just don’t feel like cooking. Also, you can always serve it as a side and remember to have fresh food too — like a fresh salad, some other vegetable side or fresh rolls.

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