Holiday Photo Cards and D-I-Y tips to get that family photo right

It’s always tough to get a photo of all 4 of us — being a mom and the photographer in the family, there are hardly any photos with me in it. You know the feeling – there are pictures of the kids, the kids and your husband, the kids and the dog, but never one with you, the kids, your husband and the family pet.

Last year, the only image I had with me in it was taken on my birthday in JULY. I used one of the Christmas card designs from

The Seifert Boys - it was the second year I took photos of the family. This is not the shot they used for the card but this is one of my favorites.

The Holt Kids - adorable. It was kind of a last minute shoot one afternoon but we did manage to take some fun shots.

Kids like being goofy. Allow them to make faces in between shots - it helps them feel at ease.


As a photographer it is always gratifying for me to receive my friends’ holiday cards because they are usually pictures that I’ve taken! What amazes me is how no two cards are (usually) alike. With all the options out there with services like Shutterfly, a personal favorite, it’s hard not to find a card that’s uniquely you.

If you haven’t had your family photo taken by your favorite local photographer, do not fret. You can always do it yourself or perhaps get a friend to help you.

If you have a tripod, take advantage of the self-timer function. Remember to take a few shots – just in case. You can always delete them later.

Have a friend come along to take your photos or even take turns at the camera. With today’s digital cameras, it is enough to get the shot as long as you have the basics down —

1. Choose a relaxed setting where you would like to take your family photo – whether it’s in the park, on the beach, or at home.

2. Think ahead about what you’d like to wear (you can coordinate family members’ clothing) and what props you’d like to use.

3. Be ready for all your plans to fall through — remember to make the “photo session” fun — this could be a new tradition for your family and sometimes it’s that goofy picture that makes a winning image.

And finally, if all else fails and the group shot doesn’t quite work out — be sure to snap some solo shots — you can always make a holiday photo collage like the ones here

For your holiday parties, Shutterfly’s got you covered here:

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