What to do with all that Halloween Candy

halloweencandy150 pieces. That’s what he counted. Now multiply that by two because I have two kids and what do we get? Too much candy. While Halloween was certainly a blast, it’s time to get real about the candy! Sure I can use it to bribe the kids, and yes, eat some (ok — a LOT) myself or I could use this as a “teachable moment” and get the kids to donate the candy to our troops. You can check out Operation Shoebox and Operation Gratitude.

Alternatively, you could find a local dentist that will BUY back your candy at http://www.halloweenbuyback.com The way the program works is that participating dentists buy back your candy and then in turn donate it to Operation Gratitude and other military support groups.

2 Replies to “What to do with all that Halloween Candy”

  1. I have a little sister who brought back a bunch of candy. I may have to tell her to give a lot of it away because I’ll end up eating it all.

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