Belated Happy Grandparents’ Day – a book review and giveaway

I called her Wawa. It was because I couldn’t pronounce Lola which is Filipino for Grandmother. Since I was the eldest grandchild, it stuck – the rest of my siblings and my cousins called her that too. I grew up with her.  I have many happy memories of my grandmother.

I feel bad for my kids because between my husband and I , we are motherless. Our kids, thus, grandmother-less.  Our mothers passed way before we met. My dad and stepmom, who are in my kids’ lives as grandpa and grandma, live half-way around the world and see the kids only every couple of years.  Lucky for my older son, he shared a close bond with my father-in-law, Pop-pop, before he passed away three years ago.

Having grandparents in our lives enriches us with their wisdom, their experiences, their love. I think everyone should have a grandparent-type-figure.

If you’re wondering why I’m waxing sentimental about grandparents it’s because – last Sunday was grandparents day.  I recently read a book called Grandloving that I received from the publishers.

The book “Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren” is kind of a how-to book for  grandparents – whether seasoned or newbies, told in refreshing casual tone. The authors, Sue Johnson, Julie Carlson and Beth Bower (who are by the way, a mother/daughter-in-law/daughter team)  offer creative ideas for connecting with grandchildren.  There are some really neat games and activities in the book, that anyone caring for children or even babysitting would enjoy.

**Win a copy of Grandloving by sharing with us a favorite memory you have of your grandparents.   Leave a comment then email me your contact info — a winner will be chosen at random.

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