More Smores, Please

Alright I’ll give it a go. Full disclosure: I am posting this because I want to WIN an ULTIMATE Smores Prize Pack from and as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club. YEAH!!! It doesn’t take a backyard bbq or even a campout for me and my boys to bust out the Smores.  Sometimes we just have to satisfy our sweet tooth( sweet tooths? sweet teeth?) and we roast our marshmallows indoors over the stove. Take a Hershey’s chocolate bar (it’s always Hershey’s) and smoosh it between two graham crackers. The smooshier the better.  You can find some cool giveaways and recipes at the Smores Smiles website by the way.

Marshmallows + Graham Crackers + Chocolate = Awesome!

Here are photos of the kids enjoying Smores outdoors.

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