5 Reasons to sign up for a Summer Reading Program

1. To Combat Boredom

Face it, after that first week of doing-nothing, the kids at home go batty- I’m bored! There’s nothing to do! Well, load up the minivan and head for your local library. The Summer Reading Program gives them SOMETHING to DO.

2. To Improve Reading Skills

During summer vacation, it isn’t uncommon for kids to take it easy with their reading and writing. When you enroll your child in a summer reading program, they spend time practicing and improving their reading skills rather than letting them slip.

3. To Stay in Touch with Old Friends and Make New Ones

This goes for both parents and kids. In the summer, the library can be quite the social hub. You and your friends can decide on a day and time to visit the library at the same time, have a picnic lunch and borrow new books – maybe even have an informal book club.

4. To Foster a LOVE For READING

Summer reading just isn’t the same as reading for school. You know why? It’s because summer reading is FUN – because it’s not something one HAS to DO but something one CHOOSES to do. You can help your kids discover NEW BOOKS and the worlds and stories within them.


The best things in life are free! And nothing could be more rewarding than giving your child the gift of reading.

Here are two other programs you can also sign up for – the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading program wherein your child can earn a FREE book when he or she has read 8 books; and the Scholastic Summer Challenge, which includes many resources for parents too.

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