Tanaka Farms Cookout Tour

We went on the Tanaka Farms Cookout Tour recently and it was an amazing experience. We got to pick veggies and grill them for lunch. It was interesting to see how the children reacted to harvesting their own food and even tasting veggies straight off the ground. After an almost two hour tour and wagon ride, we headed up a hill, veggies in hand to a little cook-out area where we washed, chopped, seasoned and grilled our produce. I was a little worried that my boys wouldn’t want to try any of the vegetables they got but guess what – with no other food options around – they actually ATE veggies. (Ok, maybe just the broccoli and cauliflower and yes, the tofu which the farm provided – but at least they tried some new things out – swiss chard! celery! zucchini! ) So the secret to getting your kids to eat their veggies? Have them grow, pick and cook ’em themselves OR just don’t give them any other choice!

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