They say you are what you eat…

If it’s true that you are what you eat, then I’m a chocolate pig. I don’t want to be a chocolate pig and truth be told, I would like to change some of my eating habits. (Don’t we all?)

Last weekend, Belly Sprout and IM: The Center for Integrative Medicine held an amazing event called “You are What You Eat” which aimed to explore the connection between what we eat and how it affects us in body, mind, and spirit. Talk about a timely topic in this time of obesity and other health issues plaguing America. At the event, food and nutrition experts shared light on the topic. The expert panel included vegan restaurateur Ann Gentry and actress/author Mariel Hemingway among others.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the event. I did, however, receive review copies of two books that were featured. The first book is Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. They didn’t participate in the talks but they held a book signing.

I read Skinny Bitch and can’t say I was feeling it – but then that’s just me. I’m not into the bootcamp-style, Sue Sylvester-type of diet-coaching book. In other words, the crude language was a real turn-off for me. Skinny Bitch is an entertaining read but it doesn’t tell you what you don’t already know – eat this, not that, junk food is bad, soda is “liquid satan,” exercise is important etc. What is different about it is how it’s presented – it’s like hearing the same usual advice from your straight-talking no-bullshit, potty-mouthed girlfriend (and who doesn’t have at least one of those, right?) – then this book (as well as the other books the authors have written since like Skinny Bitch in the Kitch) just might be for you.

The other book I received was “Vibrant Living: Creating Radiant Health and Longevity” written by Sally Kravich, a leading natural health practitioner. The book looks clunky and unattractive but as I’m not one to judge a book by its cover (ok, well sometimes I am), I started reading. The book is a bit of a heavy read in that Kravich packs it with the story of her life and a step-by-step guide to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, from juicing to iridology and everything in between. I thought that Vibrant Living provided many practical tips. For starters, I’m taking Sally’s advice about drinking a glass of water (with lemon) first thing in the morning instead of reaching for that cup of coffee.

I’m taking steps towards better health and a healthy lifestyle. Like that other pig Wilbur (in Charlotte’s Web) before me i, I want to be “RADIANT.”


Now it’s your turn. Email me or post comment about health and nutrition and I will send you either a copy of Skinny Bitch or Vibrant Living. Just let me know which book you prefer.

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