An Interview w/ Author Suzy Martyn: Why we need Parenting Books

Author Suzy Martyn recently gave a talk at my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Group. I read her two books “Enjoy the Ride” and “Sleep Tight” and wrote about them for my OC FAMILY blog “By the Book.” She is such an effective writer and speaker – I just had to find out more. Here’s a little Q&A.

Q.Tell me a little about yourself.

A. Foremost, I am a wife and mom to three beautiful daughters, ages 8-13. I also am guardian to a wonderful 14-year old student from Korea. Also, I am an author, speaker, sleep and parenting expert and my passion is to help young parents become equipped, inspired, and encouraged so that they can fully enjoy the journey of parenting. I also have a family daycare with 6 infants and toddlers.

Q. Did you always want to be an author?

A. I always wanted to write children’s books, actually, and never considered writing a non-fictional book. However, through my consulting, the two books naturally developed. Once I sat down to write, the books literally poured out of me in a matter of weeks. Everything that I’ve learned through my years of consulting and working with children, all the experiences I’ve had and that I’ve witnessed others have, came together beautifully in these two books. More to come…The next one will be on discipline, a very needed topic!

Q. With three girls, a household, and a daycare – how did you manage to find the time to write not one but two books?

A. Once I decided to sit down to write, like I said before, it just came pouring out. I’d find myself waking at 4am in the morning and just having to write. My children are older, I have daycare assistants, helpful friends and family, and I have the most fabulously supportive husband anyone could ever have. Also, for some strange reason, I have unending energy and passion for this all. This is how it all gets done.

Q. Now that your kids are growing up – do you intend to write another book that perhaps addresses the TWEEN stage?

A. Funny that you should ask. I do have a tween story in my head and heart right now. It’s just a matter of seeing the story through another couple years. The Korean student who is living with us and our experiences with her has taught me so much and I know that it’s a story that many need to hear. It will give hope to those with tweens and teens and know that it’s never too late to discipline, train, and change the course of a child’s life.

Q. Why do you think it is important for parents to read parenting books?
You need to study to take a driver’s test to get behind the wheel. You even buy big fat books on how to care for your Beta fish. Parenting, contrary to popular belief, is not easy. It does not come naturally for most. It is a skill to parent well and it comes with accurate information, experience, training, and lots of practice. We need to come into parenting prepared and with support. It is essential. Parents need to get over the idea that parenting is natural and should be easy and intuitive and get over the stigma that you are a failure if you ask for help.

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