Proud to be a Mommy Blogger

A couple of weeks ago I attended this massive networking event called Connect OC and Neal Schaffer of Windmill Networking interviewed me about being, you guessed it, a Mom Blogger. Note: Towards the end, I mention Parents Connect but what I meant to say was Parent Bloggers Network – as a group through which companies could reach influential mom bloggers.

PS. Me thinks I smile too much but I hope you enjoyed the video.

3 Replies to “Proud to be a Mommy Blogger”

  1. Oh this is great! As a blogging mama I find it a nice way to collect my thoughts and be a little more myself/rediscover myself. It was fun seeing your interview. You smiled just enough 🙂

  2. Glad you pushed that forward ~ Moms have power, whether they blog or not because we talk to each other and we make a lot of the decisions for our families.

    And, yes, good advice for the companies ~ research the moms. Don’t pitch chemical cleaners to a green mom. *sigh*

    And your smile, honesty and fun shined through in the interview. Way to go!

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