He blinded me with Science

We’ve been in Science Fair mode over the past few weeks. My son has decided on experimenting with Vitamin C and comparing the vitamin C content of a vitamin C tablet, orange juice and an actual orange – no doubt inspired by his battle with the flu season and what seems to be an endless cold. We’ve just finished the experiment and it’s on to the fun part (note sarcasm) – writing out the results and making ’em pretty so we can stick ’em on the ubiquitous poster board.

For inspiration, we attended the Astounding Inventions Competition at Irvine Valley College a few weeks ago, where over 350 students in Irvine and Tustin school districts showcased their inventions. I don’t know who won the actual contest, but let’s just say our future’s the real winner – so many innovative ideas from our fine young minds. A kindergartner invented a fever-indicating-headband (the headband changed color when you had a fever), another kid invented a LEGO sorter (something we all need), and there was even solar-powered iPOD speakers.

Astounding indeed. There were lots of other activities going on as well – a Mad Science show, exhibits, hands-on experiments and the Cal State Long Beach Mobile Science Museum.

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