Health resolutions for your family

Eat your veggies. There was never an option for me growing up. You sat there till you ate whatever was on your plate. I was never asked whether I preferred broccoli to brussels sprouts. That’s just the way it was – you ate what you were served.
So how is it that my kids are growing up with limited variety of food on their plates when they are at least presented with choices? Ah yes, the problems of a modern parent.

This year I had vowed to eat healthier and exercise more. What’s new right? Well this time I wanted to get my whole family involved. It’s hard to break old habits – eating junk food and indulging in passive weekend entertainment – you know, movies and video games. So we are starting slowly but surely. First up: we’ve cut down on sugary snacks — I’ve realized when you don’t buy them – they won’t eat them. They’ll try to find them or ask for them but you say no and they’ll survive. Out of sight out of mind. Also, we’ve been taking family walks and hikes, which have been so much fun. Check out some of our photos on Flickr.

Earlier this year, I attended a vitamin presentation, where I chatted with my friend Kelly, who is a Dr. Sears’ certified L.E.A.N Coach. L.E.A.N stands for lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition. In this video she shares some health tips:

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