How about an IKEA Playdate?

SWEDISH MEATBALLS!!! As if that weren’t enough motivation for me to get to IKEA, there’s the 99c breakfast, a great SALE and did I mention Smaland for kids? Sure you can get trapped in the maze of furniture but the free childcare is enough to make any purchase worth it. (Wait a minute, you do not even have to BUY anything to take advantage of the drop-off childcare.)

And that’s how I found myself with two mommy friends with our preschoolers and a baby in tow at IKEA Costa Mesa as soon as the doors opened. The kids were psyched to get to Smaland but we insisted that we have breakfast first. When we found out that the meatballs weren’t served till 11am (and it was already 10:30) we just hung around the kids’ area where the kids tested the furniture “Goldilocks-style.”

At the café, the kids settled into the play area while we sat next to it – so we could keep an eye on them. Pancakes, bacon, eggs and potatoes – yum! Endless coffee and yes, a side of meatballs.

By the time we were done with breakfast, we had just two things on our minds: For the kids: playing in the ball pit and mommies: shopping! Alas, when we got to Smaland they couldn’t take all three kids at the same time (they were at capacity) so they moped for a bit – and we figured we should’ve dropped them off FIRST and THEN had breakfast. Ah well, next time. There was still the shopping to take care of – my friend Mimi is on an ORGANIZATIONAL kick so we helped her pick out some things – luckily they had one of those Kiddie Kiosks with a computer so that kept the kids occupied for a while. I ended up buying a veggie peeler for 1.49 and a closet organizer for 6.99.

As anyone in mommy world knows, time flies fast – and before too long it was time for us to pick up our bigger kids from school. The little ones were a little disappointed that they didn’t get to play in Smaland but that was soon forgotten when upon checkout they got $1 soft serve ice cream cones! We helped Mimi load her car up with her purchases including the dresser-she-had-to-build-herself-when-she-got-home “I didn’t think it would be so big!” she said.

The kids had fun and so did we mommies. It’s hard to beat a place like I-I-Ikea (say that like the Chia Pet jingle) – with its cheap eats and free childcare. Hey, that’s a date night idea! And speaking of IKEA and dates, I leave you with this fave scene of mine from the movie 500 Days of Summer.

Please click on the link to view the IKEA scene from the movie.
IKEA Scene from 500 Days

And since I couldn’t EMBED the IKEA scene for some reason, I thought I’d upload my OTHER FAVORITE Scene which has TOTALLY NOTHING to do with IKEA but just because…. Have a great weekend!

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