What’s for Lunch? (or school lunch lessons I learned from my Grandma – as published in the OC Register blogs)

The Lunch Calendar Menu is tacked on the fridge. It stares at me with chicken nuggets and its variations (fingers, o’s, patties), hotdogs, burgers and the weekly pizza treat. No wonder my son prefers the homemade lunches I pack for him.

When I was a kid in the Philippines, lunch meant rice and a hot viand, which was usually whatever was left over from dinner the night before. We couldn’t complain because we didn’t have a choice nor were we given any. (Is it just me or does it seem like we sometimes give our kids too many options?)

Our food was kept warm in TIGER brand thermal lunch boxes, which came in one color – black. (Curiously we all knew whose lunchbox was whose even if they all looked the same.) In each lunch box (bag, really) there were a number of plastic bowls and jars and the distinctive combination fork-spoon we call a SPORK. Read more.

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