Clean out your purse now – I am the BAG LADY

journal I found this old journal in one of my bags. It’s got entries from five years ago. Very interesting. Don’t you just love finding your old journals and reading about your innermost thoughts from back then?

Well, here’s an entry from 5/25/04 midnight:

Cleaning my bag
a dead cellphone
a hairbrush
2 lipsticks
2 band aids
3 half eaten packs of Starburst
an open pack of M&Ms spilled onto the bottom of the bag
a near empty container of tic tacs
3 pens
a coupon to Chuck E. Cheese
a set of keys
pieces of an unremembered toy
2 plastic bugs
sunglasses (mine)
sunglasses (my then 3 y.o. son J’s)
a binky in a zip loc bag
a change purse (for those trips to the vending machine)
a bouncy ball (from one of those aforementioned vending machines)
a pack of wet wipes
2 fl.oz hand sanitizer
a wallet with $4

Inspired by that entry, I took a crayon from my purse and jotted down its contents. Take note I now have two kids. It’s 5 years later, and I live in another State.

In my bag today 8/19/09:

– 6 restaurant Crayons (from one of our faves Norms and Islands )
– crushed up chex mix
-unopened fortune cookies
-grocery receipts
– a handful of nails from Adventure Playground
– a half-empty can of Aveeno sunscreen (the best!)
-2 packs of Curious George fruit snacks
-1 Clean Well hand sanitizer spray
-2 used Wild Animal park tickets
– half a pack of Fruit Stripes
– 2 stickers that say SAY NO TO PLUMPING from the OC Fair
– a kodak zi6 pocket video camera (which I won at an event drawing)
-a business card from Skin Deep (it’s right next to Gyu Kaku – and I hope to one day get a massage/facial. I can dream can’t I?)
-1 hair brush
-1 fish-shaped coin purse (filled with quarters and pennies for Downtown parking)
– pinecone
lego block
– a wallet with no money


2 Replies to “Clean out your purse now – I am the BAG LADY”

  1. Am always dismayed to see the detritus floating at the bottom of my cavernous bag! There is always Kleenex fluff and snack-food dust, for sure. Contents of my purse: fat wallet (fat with coupons and discount cards, haha), old fashioned clasp coin purse full of quarters (for parking meters and those rides at the mall), mini hairbrush, Nivea chubby lip balm, a tinted lipgloss, a mini Sharpie, a red Moleskine notebook for ideas and lists, inhaler for asthma attacks, mini bottle of Tylenol, Aveeno hand lotion, sunglasses, Ice Cubes gum, a bunch of crumpled receipts and tickets to a Minor League baseball game we never went to!

  2. LOL!! That is so fun. Really… it would be cute to do a list every couple of years and see how things change. Eventually we’ll have a life alert, blood pressure pills, extra depends and who knows what else spilling out the top!

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