And I call myself a blogger…

Yes, my posts are few and far between. Mea culpa. I write things down long hand on scraps of paper, with the intention of posting them on this blog. But then life happens, I lose the paper or the dog eats it (yes, he does eat paper) and then it’s too late to post. Someone at the Bloggers’ Ball told me she was the same way: “As a writer, ” (like you, she said, meaning me) ” it feels like it has to be worth writing…” I think what she was trying to say was that as (professional?) writers, we were harder on ourselves.

I totally got what she meant! And besides that there are all those other distractions – Twitter, Facebook, er, real life.

So let me leave you with the scenes from…my life and work.

Birthday Girl

The cool thing was that the mommy of the little girl found my name through Lila Guide and that’s how I booked the job. Hooray for social networking! See – it works.

And speaking of networking… I attended the Orange County Bloggers Ball. I was invited by Marcy @theglamlife who’s a Twitter buddy. I thought I was going solo but at the last minute I managed to get my personal trainer to come with me. It was tons of fun. It was especially fun to meet all these people I had only known virtually – in person.

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