I survived the first week of summer. It was crazy. With no classes, school, practices or camps scheduled, you’d think it would all be easy breezy but no — each day was a constant challenge to keep the boys occupied. Sure they entertained each other – playing video games, legos/bionicles and other made up games, but they annoyed each other just as much!

T-RexOne sure fire way to get them to stop getting on each other’s (okay, mine) nerves was to get them out of the house. When you leave by the beach, it’s a little easier – you hit the beach, you play in the sand, and if the water isn’t too cold, you take a dip in the ocean. But I’m a believer in variety being the spice of life – so I tried to plan an “adventure” for each day. First there was the beach, then the pool. The next day we spent an afternoon on Dino Quests at the Discovery Science Center. The day after that we played miniature golf at Boomers. Thank goodness for Annual Membership passes and free coupons (courtesy of my kid’s reading program at school aka Whale Tales). We also had a day of just hanging out at the park playing catch and racquetball and there was one day a friend came over to swim at our pool. Oh yeah and another life-saver was the day spent at the HB Central Library for its annual Festival of Folktales.

Whew! What a week – did I mention that I had to squeeze in some work and of course household chores and errands in between all that? I barely managed but I did it — this week my older so is at beach volleyball camp all week — woohoo! But even then that’s just half a day, which means there’s still the other half of the day I have to fill…

Told ya, it’s crazy.

How are you surviving your summer?

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