Please — spare me the pizza



Weekends are the hardest. No gym workouts, no personal trainer to keep me on track. Just me and the family, kickin’ ‘back, sleeping in,  eating whatever. Taking it easy. There are no tight schedules to keep (except for social events like kiddie birthday parties filled with birthday cake and ice cream = calories) And there is pizza, yes, cheesy fattening pizza.

The thing is I’ve never been an active sort of person – no sports for me – this is not to say I don’t move because when you have kids it always seems you’re running around like a headless chicken.  But the point is, I’d rather be reading a book lazing on the beach than riding a bike. I’d rather be watching a movie than going hiking or something like that. You get the picture.

So weekends are hard but I’m really trying my best. Stick with the PROGRAM! I’m learning, becoming more conscious of what I eat. I try to make good choices.  I want to be active but haven’t found my sport – we’ve got a pool but I’m more likely to be found floating on my back or soaking in the Jacuzzi rather than doing laps – so that doesn’t count does it?

At least I’m not sitting around watching TV and playing video games (not Wii Fit) and I do take a break from the computer.  Isn’t that what weekends are for ? Recharging? So who wants to work-out and diet on a Saturday, right?

What? Yes, I know …tomorrow is Sunday, whew! It’s the end of the weekend. Back to the daily grind, back to my regularly scheduled program. Until then…

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