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*As a photographer, I’ve been asked by many mamas for tips and tricks. I keep thinking I ought to teach a class. Well, since I’ve been slacking on that idea… here are two mamas who’ve actually put together such a CLASS. Sounds like great fun with lots of lessons to be learned. I originally pitched this piece for but since it didn’t run there, here it is… enjoy.

CREATE ART — ANYTIME with your camera

Photo of Baby by Marcie Taylor Photography

Baby Photo by Marcie Taylor Photography

What parent doesn’t have a zillion snapshots of their kids?  Imagine if you could take those snapshots to the next level and make them more artistic.   Noel of Bosh Images and Mali of Mali Workman Photography show you how through their Anytime Art Workshops.

According to Mali: “Last year I randomly met Noel and we immediately became friends.   Our sons are the same age and we both share a life long love for photography.  We run our businesses (Bosh Images and Mali Workman Photography) independently. One day we were at a park and we ran into one of my clients who cheerfully said that she had bought a new SLR camera and needed to learn how to use it.  At that time I remembered several people saying the same thing in the previous few months.  Noel also knew several people wanting to know how to use their digital SLR cameras but didn’t know where to go to learn it.  So together we came up with the Anytime-art Workshops, which are designed for beginner photographers who know that they have a “good eye” and have invested in a digital SLR camera.”

The Anytime Art class is divided into 3 parts: Part one teaches you how your camera works and how to properly expose your images. Part two shows you how to find your creativity, develop a more artistic style and make more interesting images.  Part three is a real photo shoot with 2 children as models.  Everyone immediately gets to apply all the concepts they learned and see how they work.

To improve your family photos, Mali advises parents to learn the basic concepts of photography.  Shes says: “If you know how your camera works, then you can focus on being creative. If you can quickly adjust your camera settings, you won’t miss “the moment” by under or overexposing your image, or getting a blurry image.”

When asked for hardware and software recommendations, Mali recommends the Nikon D60, D80 or D90 (depending on your budget – you get what you pay for), while Noel suggests checking out the Canon line of digital slrs.  Furthermore, Mali recommends investing in Photoshop Elements. “It’s $100 and will make a world of difference on your images.  Nikon and Adobe don’t pay me anything to say this. I say it because I truly believe in these products,” she says.

Ready to give it a go?  Visit The next workshop is on May 30th, 2009  in Alison Viejo,CA.

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