GLEE: Join the club

In an effort to re-invigorate this blog, I vow to blog at least once a week — even about the most random things — because isn’t that what blogging is all about?

Matthew Morrison of GLEEToday’s topic: GLEE. Yup, that new show that aired right after American Idol. Of course I didn’t catch it when it aired, just as I just finished watching the AI finale (even if I already knew that Kris won) — the DVR is my best friend. But in case you didn’t get to record it, give it a go on Hulu. If you like musicals and stuff set in high school like I do, then this just might be the show for you. It’s not so much “High School Musical” really — because it’s much more creative than that. Just think the show brought new life to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing and a new take on Amy Winehouse’s Rehab.

There’s a cute guy and a cute girl and a host of other high-school movie/TV show stereotypes — and they CAN SING! The lead actor is very likable in a Simon Baker (Mentalist fame) way — did I just say that because he reminds me of Simon Baker? Also, it’s got Jane Lynch — and I believe anything she’s in is pretty funny (Role Models, 40 y.o. Virgin etc.)GLEE Cast

There’s so much potential in this show. The only bad part is that we’ve gotta wait till fall to watch another episode.

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