Digital Spring Cleaning — you should do it too!

Whew! I just spent the last hour cleaning up my inbox – deleting old emails, old ezines etc. Can you believe my inbox contains emails from as far back as 2004? I know, crrrazzzy. But it happens, you forget, you hold on, you just get lazy and before you know it you’ve got hundreds of messages in your email inbox. (Not even counting the SPAM and other junk mail.)

So after cleaning that first email box I went on to my other email addresses (yes, I have more than one– don’t you?) I started reading the messages and smiling to myself — what each address and each message had to say about me at that point in my life. There were the personal messages and then the ones I consider valuable because they could be “business” leads in the future. Whatever happened to writing things down in a little notebook? Hah! I have those too — don’t get me started on spring cleaning my desk drawer!

Yes, it is true. Although I live a big chunk of my life online, I also have lots of papers, notebooks etc.

It’s funny, I still remember the early days of email and instant messaging. The exciting hum of dial-up. Those were the days. I even remember the primitive era of FB precursor Friendster (my account’s still active in fact) . And here I am, now wired via mobile and macbook. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Linked In (and Quattrospace )– it would seem everyone would know what I was doing when…should I be worried?

Isn’t it ironic how the more connected we are to each other virtually the less we are connected in real life?

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