From Suburban Mama ezine Vol. III, No.4:Confessions of a Closet Greenie

At some point you have to make a stand and do your part about saving the planet. While it may seem like a fad to Go Green right now, we all know deep inside the inconvenient truth and that is that going green is “necessary.”  Fifteen years ago (did I just reveal my age?!) I wrote my college thesis on using biodegradable bags for shopping. It seemed like a radical concept back then but now it’s becoming more acceptable.  The other day, my husband was surprised to find that we hardly had any more plastic grocery bags at home. I told him it was because I’d been toting the reusable bags to the store.  “So what am I going to use now to pick up doggy-poop???” he said aghast.  The brand new pooper scooper  of course, I replied.  You see, that’s one of those little things you can do towards going green – using something that is reusable over something that is disposable (and shudder, non-biodegradable), so think Klean Kanteen instead of   plastic water bottles, and lunchboxes instead of  plastic lunch bags.

I haven’t convinced my husband to get a Prius yet but my son keeps bugging us about using CFC’s which we do, and recycling which we do. But I have to say, we do not compost nor do we eschew all packaging.  If you buy in bulk (which we try to do as much as we can), it seems the ubiquitous zip-loc bag is a necessary evil. However, we do buy more fruit and veggies from Farmer’s markets now but we have yet to go organic all the way.

In this issue, find out what suburban mamas like you are doing to reduce their carbon footprint.  It’s not as hard as you think! Take little steps to make big changes. You will be amazed at how going green can actually help your budget too.  Sign up to get our ezine delivered right into your inbox.

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5 Replies to “From Suburban Mama ezine Vol. III, No.4:Confessions of a Closet Greenie”

  1. It’s true – it’s easier to go green (or at least chartreuse) then I originally thought. Living in Jersey would make you think you need a car to get everywhere, but our bicycles have gotten us pretty far, kiddies in the trailer behind us. We compost now (easiest thing in the world), of course recycle, and try to buy things with less packaging. My favorite thing we do is belong to a CSA (community supported agriculture). The CSA allows us to get organic veggies right from the farm – less travel, no packaging, lots of fresh produce we may have never tried before, and *gasp* it’s actually cheaper than buying conventional produce at the store!

    No, our carbon footprint is still far from tiny, but I’m hoping every little bit helps!

  2. We chose a charter school dedicated in the Montessori Philosophy, which incorporates the love of ‘mother earth’ in their curriculum and the school is completely eco-friendly…all documents are on EDLINE (we are paperless) and in a few weeks, we will be asked not to drive our kids to school and rather come by foot or by bike or carpool for a week. Now, this is an interesting situation to think thru as we live 8 miles from the school…we are trying to be creative and the kids are thrilled:)
    Also, we pack lunches in re-usable containers and all the trash from lunch comes home for us to recycle…it’s pretty interesting to see how much we truly throw away…it’s terrible. We use cotton napkins, real forks and spoons and placemats. The little things we can do…and getting our children involved is the greatest thing we can do…having our children aware of their environment and as families we can all do our part to help our precious world! 🙂

  3. I so agree, going green isn’t as difficult as people make it seem. We’ve always been good at recycling and now we are taking things a step further. We are using cloth napkins and hankies, starting a compost so that next year when we plant our veggie garden we will be able to use that in lieu of purchased fertilizer, and purchasing our veggies, at least most of them, at the local farm.

    We also plant at least one tree per year to help offset our carbon footprint, though it by no means equals what we probably use, it helps. We are more concious of turning off lights and have vegetarian meals 2-3 times per week (for me, the lone vegetarian in the family it’s every meal).

    The next step is local only fruits and veggies, though this will be more difficult in the winter months in NJ, it’s not impossible with canning and freezing. Well, I guess not local only b/c then we couldn’t have lettuce in the winter, but I’m going to get as close to that as possible.

  4. we compost in our yard – in fact the whole bay area has so many options for people to learn about changing their ways … plus we have so much public transit – at least closer to the cities.

    i just hope the industries keep up & do their part!

  5. Hello there! Environmentally preferable purchasing (or being a green consumer) is one easy way to vote with your dollars. But supporting green companies and products, I hope we can bring change to the industry.

    The site I’ve been working on is trying to help break down the barriers to green products. We’ve integrated product reviews, wikis, discussion forums, photo hosting, and more. Check it out at We’re also running a contest until Earth Day! Feel free to participate!

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